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5 minutes with Kez

take a walk on the kez side

Who are the 3 people you would like to have dinner with (alive or dead) and why?

  1. Stephen Fry – his mind is a steel trap. I’d be too in awe to speak much [a first for me]
  2. David Tennant – Dr Who Scottish eye candy!
  3. Jane Austen – Chick knew how to write.

Best thing about weddings?

The “look” that a couple give each other the first time they see each other on their wedding day.

Best thing about being a celebrant?

I have the best view in the house [see above]

Toilet roll under or over?

Just replace it and put the used roll in the recycling I’ll be happy.

Peanut butter, Crunchy or smooth?

Sometimes both. Other times either or;

What would you do with a weekend off from weddings?

Sleep in, pancakes, park with the kids, Xbox, movies, cuddles, doona, coffee, repeat.