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Well I’m pretty sure I am not ordinary, so Sassy is a much better way to describe me. I am probably more relaxed with a Sassy edging.

5 minutes with Kim


Who are the 3 people you would like to have dinner with (alive or dead) and why?

  1.  My Nana, to chat to her as my adult self and she made the best lemon meringue.
  2. Bob Dylan, It would be a hell of a conversation, oh the stories he would tell.
  3. Any one who is happy to cook for me and clean up after really 😉

Best thing about weddings?

The best thing is ALL THE LOVE

Best thing about being a celebrant?

Sharing in the love, and making that day relaxed, fun and unique for my crazy great couples.

Toilet roll under or over?

Over, why is this even a question 😉

Peanut butter, Crunchy or smooth?

Crunchy or smooth: Crunchy all the way

What would you do with a weekend off from weddings?

Play music or head out camping with my little team.