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I’m a total disrupter, and love changing people’s expectations of what a ceremony “should” be. I love that I can give my couples choice.

5 minutes with Kim

Just bloom, baby!

Who are the 3 people you would like to have dinner with (alive or dead) and why?

  1. Lisa Messenger – Total inspo for changing the world. Love her!
  2. Adam Sandler – “Are you to good for your home!?” I’d just quote Happy Gilmore to him all night. He’d probably leave after 2 minutes!
  3. Mr Fredricksen from Up. That montage at the beginning gets me every time. I just want to give him a cuddle

Best thing about weddings? Like seriously, it’s the best day of people’s lives. So positive and beautiful and wonderful. What a vibe.

Best thing about being a celebrant?

Being the official “spreader of the love”. Being surrounded by love and light seriously changes your whole world.

Toilet roll under or over?

I’m a scruncher, so does it really matter which way the paper is offered?

Peanut butter, Crunchy or smooth?

Not sure! I haven’t tried it since I was 2 years old and was rushed off to hospital with hives. It’s a no no for me.

What would you do with a weekend off from weddings?

Play with my little munchkins in the back yard, take the fam and our two kelpie pups to the beach (although it’s a bit of a mission!), chillax with my soul sisters, do some downward facing dog on a mat, or take off in our caravan.