Celebrant Folder


Celebrant Folder (Pattern as shown)
3 “sleeves” able to fit 3 x A4 sheets of paper
Portrait style

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1. Rainbow Confetti Hearts

2. Portadown Watercolor Floral

3. Navy Blush Watercolor Floral

4. Letters L-O-V-E valentine

5. Hearts Geometric Love

6. Colorful Smiley Face Squares

7. Love Word Typography

8. Pastel Love Hearts Tossed

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1. Rainbow Confetti Hearts, 2. Portadown Watercolor Floral, 3. Navy Blush Watercolor Floral, 4. Letters L-O-V-E valentine, 5. Hearts Geometric Love, 6. Colorful Smiley Face Squares, 7. Love Word Typography, 8. Pastel Love Hearts Tossed