Modern, Fun, Kick Ass Celebrants

Here’s some of what a Sassy Celebrant can do:


We do them. We do a lot of them and we do them sassily!


If you didn’t get married by a Sassy Celebrant the first time, you can rectify the situation.

Baby Namings

Let us goo and gaah over your little one [Drool optional]

Anything and Everything

If you think you need a Sassy Celebrant, you probably do!

Sassy Celebrants is the brain child of Kim Oakhill and Kerryn "Kez" Tippett. Formed in 2016 out of a need to refer clients to like-minded celebrants, Kez and Kim sought to bring together a group of celebrants that had an awesome reputation, and their own Sassy-style. What they found was Nell, Monty, Jules, Tim and Kim M. 

Since then Sassy Celebrants has also welcomed Jo and Amy to their unique collective.

Together Sassy Celebrants has over 50 years celebrant-ing experience and has performed 1000's of weddings. 

Every Sassy Celebrant has their own style, own way and own price. What makes each celebrant Sassy is the way they respect their clients choices, perform ceremonies without judgement and make everything fun.

(Unfortunately this is not a trait of all celebrants)

Sassy Celebrants receive well over 200 enquiries per year - so if you think you want a Sassy Celebrant to help you make your big day, AMAZ-HING... Get in touch