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Sassy is me, individual, unique, and most of all outgoing.


Married by Timothy
P: 0401 514 939
W: www.marriedbytimothy.com

Who are the 3 people you would like to have dinner with [alive or dead] and why?

  1. Beyoncé
  2. Oprah
  3. Ricky Martin

Best thing about weddings: Seeing complete happiness on everybody’s faces, it is one of the most specials days in peoples lives.

Best thing about being a celebrant: Being able to create the special part of the wedding day!

Toilet roll over or under: Over

Peanut butter, Crunchy or smooth: Hard one, depends on the mood, but for now crunchy

What would you do with a weekend off from weddings: Beach, Weekend away, if you gave me two weekends in a row, a quick trip overseas.

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